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Our School

Ethos and Values

“Belong… Engage… Enjoy”

Our Ethos and Values

Our Vision...'the why'

We truly believe it takes a village to raise a child at our school and with that we ensure that the children and young people are at the core of all we do. It is important that not only the children feel a sense of belonging in our school but the families, staff and multi-professionals do also. We are continually growing a curriculum so that children and young people are engaged in their learning experiences at whichever level they are working within developmentally. We are committed to ensuring that children and young people are excited by what they learn and experience in school and that every day as a new day develops and grows them as individuals.


Our values...' the how'

  • Ensure we build memories 
  • Ensure we thank each other every day. 
  • Ensure we challenge ourselves and others to be better. 
  • Ensure we are genuine partners with all. 
  • Ensure we grow potential interest, ability and talent


Our Aims... 'the what'

  • To ensure the voice of pupils and families are central to all school development as unrelenting family champions
  • To ensure we use a child centred approach that is personalised to each child and offers a school environment that is vibrant and rich in opportunities.  
  • To demonstrate exceptional teaching across the curriculum that will prepare pupils for their next stages in life whilst being fun and enjoyable for all.
  • To exist as a beacon of learning that promotes a sense of belonging, ambition and pride for all that is shared across the SEND community.
  • To apply inspirational, visionary and exceptionally strong leadership at all levels.


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Nottingham Road, Mansfield,
Nottinghamshire, NG18 5BA

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