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Our Environment

The Fountaindale School is a purpose build school set it beautiful woodland. The outside learning environment is not only stunning, it is engaging, practical and used throughout the curriculum.

On entering the main school building you will see a wonderful library that offers a different sections for visually impaired, pictures books, sensory books and books that develop a love for reading.

The corridors of the academy are purposely build to allow space for students to work with therapists, allowing them wide safe and open corridors to develop their independence in walkers and wheelchairs. The displays ensure that we celebrate the students work, their hopes and aspirations.

We are fortunate to have a hydrotherapy pool, medical suite and newly planned sensory room all of which play a part in students learning. Our science lab ensures that students who are leaving gain access to a range of qualifications beyond English and Maths and doubles up as an art and design space. We are also fortunate to have a food technology room which each class uses to explore and build upon their life skills. Our Classrooms are adapted to suit the learning needs of the students and you will see our newly developing working walls bring learning to life.

We encourage our students to be explorers, inquisitive and excited by their learning. For many learning is about new experiences, for others an adapted National Curriculum allows them to extend their knowledge and skills whilst developing independence and keeping themselves healthy.

You will often meet our NHS therapy team in the corridors working with individual students or small groups. Their work makes up a huge part of the personalised curriculum that our students need to access.

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Nottingham Road, Mansfield,
Nottinghamshire, NG18 5BA

01623 792671