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Learning and Teaching


The 14- 19 Formal Curriculum is designed to be flexible and meet the individual needs of all learners.

The curriculum is person centred.  All pupils have a bespoke timetable and are offered considerable choice during the planning stage.

A range of qualifications are available and targeted at appropriate levels to include all pupils, regardless of ability.  The range of qualifications on offer serves to engage as many pupils as possible both in terms of accredited qualifications and enrichment activities.

All pupils have the opportunity to progress through the curriculum and be supported towards achieving established goals.

Current options available to students at Fountaindale include:

Functional skills

  • English - entry level 1,2 and 3, Level 1
  • Maths - entry level 1,2 and 3, Level 1
  • Digital Functional Skills E3, Level 1


Personal Progress Entry level

  • Work skills Level 1
  • Applied science Level 1


  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Step up to English Award
  • ASDAN PSD Entry levels -Level 1 Preparing for Adulthood My Independence
  • Physical Education Entry level
  • Arts Award – Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver & Gold
  • AQA unit certifications

We can offer any qualifications available through Pearsons;  Subjects | Pearson qualifications

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