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Fountaindale Family News Summer Term 2022-2023

It’s been a busy and enjoyable year at Fountaindale this year. Just sat in the office with Chris, I cannot believe how much we have accomplished in such a short time. Our school feels a busy, vibrant school filled with laughter and learning at last!

As with any school we have seen some staff changes this year some of whom have been with the school for a very long time in their careers – we continue to wish our leavers our very best for their future. Speaking of leavers, we have 8 very special students leaving us this year, mostly moving onto Portland. We really hope they embrace and enjoy their time at Portland as I know the staff there are very much ready to welcome our leavers.

There has been so many highlights this year, to write them all down in one newsletter each one meaningful to each of us in so many different ways. Our biggest pleasure is having been able to share them with you all.

From the whole of #FountaindaleFamily could we wish you all a very happy summer break with your family and we will see you all in September.
Luci and Chris

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